Burke's Policies

Universal Basic Income for Nevada

Burke Andersson proposes that Nevada start a fund to be distributed to its permanent residents as a monthly dividend.  This dividend’s payment would vary year to year based on the amount collected in the fund. But preliminary estimates give it anywhere from $250-$1000/month per Nevada resident over the age of 18. Residents having lived in Nevada more than three years would qualify for the payout.


  • Why Universal Basic Income? Because it encourages people to work and start businesses. It also protects people in times of economic shock (such as the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic).
  • Eliminates means testing because every permanent resident would receive it. Bolsters the middle class, alleviates income inequality, and helps both homeowners and renters.
  • Improves the mental health, stress levels, physical health, and financial security of all Nevadans. Gives value to caregivers, non-profit volunteers, creatives, and artists who don’t make money for the work they do.
  • Will be paid for by small distributions from a variety of industries: gaming, the Las Vegas Strip, cannabis sales, and a voluntary state income tax. Studies have shown that a quarter of a percent tax on the gaming industry would raise $180 million a year that can be given to all Nevadans.

Clean Up Nevada

In light of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Burke proposes that the State of Nevada be the forefront of sanitizing public spaces so that Las Vegas and Nevada can get back to business again.  Las Vegas runs on its gaming and recreational spaces. We need to make Las Vegas safe again to do business. And that means being on the cutting edge of sanitation technology.

  • Using Decon-7 (D7) to sanitize public facilities. Starting with city buildings and public spaces such as court houses, parks, and government buildings.
  • D7 is used by the U.S. Military in the mitigation of biological contaminants. It’s 10 million times more powerful than Clorox as well as being EPA registered & approved. After 8 hours, the substance turns into soluble water.
  • D7 is being used by countries who have successfully flattened the curve: South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore. D7 is safe for human contact, safe for the environment, and is made in the USA.
  • D7 has been proven to be effective in sanitizing surfaces exposed to the Coronavirus.
  • Once Nevada can safely sanitize their buildings, we can focus on sanitizing public spaces such as the walkways of the Las Vegas strip. So that Las Vegas can go back to business.
  • Researches believe that the coronavirus could come back seasonally (source: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.03.04.20031112v1?mod=article_inline). So Nevada needs to get ahead of the problem and be ready to combat the virus when it returns. That means sanitizing spaces so that businesses can continue in the event of a future outbreak.

Expanding Education

Burke believes in a strong public school system.  However, many of Nevada’s schools are not preparing its students for the jobs of today. Burke proposes expanding trade school and technical training so that Nevada students can graduate with skills valuable to the market.