Burke Andersson will

Clean Up Nevada

Nevada deserves a candidate that understands that the 4th Industrial Revolution is coming.  Nevada is projected to be the number one state affected by job loss due to automation.

You may have noticed that at the MGM property they already have robot bartenders.  Lyft is giving people the option of a self-driving vehicle on the Las Vegas strip.  Call center jobs are being replaced with a computer that sounds like a person.

Burke Andersson is going to bring the solutions to the Nevada legislature, so we can prepare now for the future that is already here.

Rachel, Andrew Yang, and Burke

Rachel, Andrew Yang, and Burke

at the First in the West Convention in Las Vegas.

Every Donation Counts

Our campaign needs 30,000 mailers, so we can hit the pavement running.  We have a goal to raise $2,000 minimum, which will also pay for this website, professional photography, and additional advertising.

If Burke had a dollar for each view on his Youtube channel, he would have over $100,000 to put towards getting UBI for Nevada so we can create an example for the rest of the United States.